After a successful border raid, our accommodation tonight is a traditional English Inn in Beal, Northumberland. Here you can enjoy a local beverage. There are a few options available if you wish to use public transit. You can take a train or bus from Edinburgh to Aberdeen and then take a bus from Aberdeen that stops within walking distance of the castle. Or you can take a bus or train to Stonehaven and walk from the village – this is about a 40 minute walk.

For the rental car, if you decide that you don’t need it the first 2 days, you might wait to pick it up in the city to avoid the fees/parking for the first 2 nights . You don’t need a car for getting around Edinburgh – most places are within walking distance and public buses can get you pretty much anywhere else you’d probably want to go.

Rosslyn Chapel concerts to benefit Primary School – Edinburgh News

Rosslyn Chapel concerts to benefit Primary School.

Posted: Fri, 18 Feb 2022 08:00:00 GMT [source]

We recommend that you book your accommodation within walking distance to the bus station or train station if you plan on doing a lot of travel by train or bus from Edinburgh. We recommend an overnight or multiday trip if you want to travel further afield, such as the Isle of Skye and northern Scottish Highlands. Rabbies, a local tour company, offers overnight tours from Edinburgh to more remote places in England and Scotland.

rosslyn chapel & the scottish borders full day tours

Roslin is seven miles south from Edinburgh. It is Quaint and has traditional Scottish architecture. It can easily be reached via bus (single tickets cost just PS1.60, while a full day’s pass will set you back just PS4.00). As a result, a trip to Roslin is easily one of thebest day trips from Edinburgh.

If so, feel free to tell us about your day trip experience and how you planned it. You can also visit our guides to day trips in Scotland from Inverness and Glasgow if you’re looking for more ideas. There are day trips from Edinburgh to Glen Coe, such as this one that visits both Loch Ness and Glencoe, as well as this similar tour.

I recommend visiting the museums and ruins along the wall before or after you have seen a section of it. There were at least 14 Roman forts along the wall, and you can still see many of them today. We recommend a visit to either Housesteads, Vindolanda or both. Both include fort ruins as well as a museum that contains information and archaeological finds. Hadrian’s Wall was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 and has become a popular tourist attraction. Many people, especially UK residents, do a week-long walk from one end to the other during the summer months.