You will be able to enter the museums at 08:00 AM, one hour before the general public. The official time for the regular line to enter is 09.00 am although that depends on people with reservations going in first. Group tours last for two hours and include the Vatican museums and the Sistine chapel.

If you are on a strict budget, choose a skip-the-line guided tour. If you prefer to travel with a smaller group, the Semi-Private Guided Tour is for you. If you want an exclusive experience, choose the Vatican Night Tour and if you wish to explore more than the Vatican, choose Rome in a Day Guided tour. If only the best will do for your trip to Italy, trust the Italian professionals at Secrets Italy.

Explore the colosseum dungeons to find out more about its gory past and get a glimpse into Ancient Rome with a guided tour. Our private tours give you quick access to the Vatican & Sistine Chapel. Private and small group tours of the city center, with food and wine tasting.

vatican and sistine chapel tours

Prefer to visit the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel on your own? Book Skip the Line Vatican Museums Tickets to Avoid the long queues Most tour operators offer a standard 2.5- to 3 hour Vatican tour, which includes highlights of the Vatican Museums and the Sistine chapel. These tours begin at the same time that the museums are open to all. Enjoy a rare view of Vatican City on Friday Night as you explore all the main attractions at Vatican Museums or Sistine Chapel.

Now stop worrying about the outside queues, and spend more time inside admiring the world-famous art pieces. A guided tour of Vatican City with its landmarks is the best way for you to understand the city’s history and life. Choose the tour that best suits your vision. Experience some of the world’s true masterpieces, most prominent artistic and spiritual landmarks with a certified professional tour guide. LaGalleriadegliUffizi is on the list of the world’s top 10 museums and art galleries – hence the long line of people at the entrance waiting to get in.

You would be remiss if your climb to the Cupola was not rewarded. Going on a guided tour will help you understand the significance of the basilica and the various works that it houses better. A visit to the Vatican can be overwhelming for the uninitiated, especially since this tiny city, only 120 acres in total, packs a punch. A guided tour is one of the best ways you can get the most from your visit to Vatican City, a relic of Renaissance architecture and baroque style. Explore the Gallery of Maps, Tapestries, Raphael’s Rooms, and many other items.